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Pilot Communications headsets, intercoms and adapters are made to the highest standard and designed to deliver high quality communications for every pilot's ultimate flying adventure.

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Australia's Trusted Manufacturer of Aviation Headsets and Flight Communications Equipment

When you're flying you need to be able to trust all of your equipment. You need to know it will do the job required and keep on working. Aviation in Australia is a demanding pursuit and requires the best in aviation headsets. There are no second chances when you’re at ten thousand feet during a storm and you have faulty equipment, so it really pays to make sure that you’re using safe and reliable communications. When purchasing your next aviation headset, buy the best in the sector, and choose Pilot Communications.

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Experts when it comes to Aircraft Headsets and other equipment

As experienced pilots ourselves, we choose to specialise in high quality yet affordable pilot supplies. We have a huge range of communications gear, including a number of different aircraft headsets, intercoms and adaptors. Our headset models range from the highest spec, iPhone compatible models through to professional headsets for working pilot's, student priced headsets that deliver quality and affordability as well as a selection of kid’s versions. We have listen only headphones and specialised helicopter and aviation headsets to suit any mission features experienced pilots require.


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When you buy aviation supplies, whether it's aircraft headsets, adaptors or something else entirely, you're getting the best with Pilot Communications.

As we only sell to dealers, so go to the Dealers List to find a retail outlet closest to you, or search for Pilot Communications products at your favourite online pilot store.

He have 14 Trusted Australian Dealers located in every state and region of Australlia and New Zealand so it's easy to visit your local store and try out a headset or speak with a professional to get the right advice on what works the best for your type of flying.

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