About Us

Pilot Communications (Australia) is the Australian distributor for Pilot Communications.

When you are flying you need to be able to trust all of your equipment, you need to know that it will do the job required, that it will keep working. Aviations is demanding pursuit and it requires the best gear, there are no second chances when you are two thousands metres up so it really pays to make sure that you are using only the very best gear. That is why when you need pilot supplies you need to buy from the best in the sector. You need to buy from a specialist aviation supply store

Here at Pilot Communications we specialise in high quality yet affordable pilot supplies. We have a huge range of communications gears for the aviation section, including a number of different headsets, intercoms and adapters. We have what you need at the price you want. Take our huge range of headsets, we have everything from the highest specs, iPhone compatible headsets through to kid's headsets. We have listen only headphone and specialised helicopter headsets. When you buy from Pilot Communications you are getting the best deal available. As an internet only store we are able to keep our overheads down, meaning that you are only paying for the product. Even better, we offer free shipping on all purchases over $40 to both Australian and New Zealand addresses. Make sure that when you fly you are using only the best equipment, make sure you get all your pilot supplies from Pilot Communications.



Pilot Communications is our go to for all aviation supplies! Best prices and great customer service! Thanks, Pilot Communications!

Arianne Coyco