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Headset Spares & Accessories

Is your headset fit for flying? There’s no denying that the cockpit is a high-risk environment that demands the best equipment available. Pilot headsets not only protect our hearing from long-term noise exposure in the cockpit, but also allow us to communicate smoothly and efficiently with our copilot, crew, ground control, and passengers. Due to the high demands of the cockpit, it’s important that our gear is not only made from the best quality materials, but that it’s also well-maintained.

Pilot Communications helps pilots Australia-wide feel confident in their equipment without breaking the bank. 

Aviation Headset Spares

Aviation equipment is costly, and replacing parts as they wear, rather than replacing the whole headset is crucial for keeping costs down.  Modifying your equipment to better suit your specific aviatory needs is also available with our product, so browse our wide range of tried and tested headset spares for the best communication solution specific to your headset. For advice, reach out to speak to on of our trusted dealers! 

Can’t find what you’re on the hunt for? Get in touch with us to discuss options - we’re always looking for ways to improve our range. 

Our Range of Affordable Spares

Pilot Communications was started after observing a lack of aviation communication equipment manufacturers in Australia that were affordable, reliable, and pilot-specific. We pride ourselves on supplying pilots in Australia, New Zealand, and world-wide with top of the line headsets, spares, plugs and jacks, adaptors, accessories and more. We don’t stock sell anything but tried and tested high-performance equipment that’s built to last. Browse our mic leads, ear seals, microphones, booms and more, or feel free to reach out to your local dealer.

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Pilot Communications Australia helps pilots across the world source the equipment they need, at an affordable price. From additional accessories to headset spares, to a complete upgrade to the newest technology, we can help you source exactly what you require to keep communication channels open, and your hearing protected. Whether you know exactly what you need and simply want to source it from the most affordable source, or you’d like support in finding what headsets or spares you require, browse our range or reach out to your friendly team at Pilot Communications today. 

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