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Ultralight Communications Headsets

Looking for an ultralight headset for quality communications while flying? Get yours now from Pilot Communications. 

Ultralight Communications for Aviation

While flying, top-notch equipment is vital to ensure the best possible experience. Pilot Communications is incredibly proud to be the flag bearers for the highest-quality products. Our aviation supplies are built to last and are the finest Australia has to offer. You can choose from a plethora of pilot headsets and headset adaptor options.

Ultralight Communications

An Ultralight is a flying machine used for sport or recreational flying. A vehicle of such delicacy requires accessories of the highest calibre. Our aircraft supplies provide pilots in Australia with a wide range of ideal quality products. 

We believe that you need the very best for a safe and memorable flight. So if you’re hunting for top quality aviation supplies in Australia, here are the products you need to know about.

Headset Adaptors 

Our collection of headset adaptors comprises a total of fourteen products that will revolutionize your flight experience. Among them is the PA82.4 Headset adapter. 

This headset adaptor is incredibly versatile, suited for Icom A3, A14, A15, A22, and A24 with handlehd VHF radios. IT can also be used with the remote PTT including the PA50-3.5.

The  PA82.4 Headset adapter is an essential item for your collection of aviation supplies and is also available in a helicopter version! 

Handheld Radio Adaptors

Our handheld radio headset adaptors are a must-have for any pilot. Available at economical prices, we offer nine different types of radio adaptor. 

We especially recommend the Pilot PA50HA25 headset adaptor, complete with “press to talk” option. It is an Ultralight headset designed to be comfortable with no compromise on sound quality. When it comes to aviation supplies in Australia, you’ll be hard pressed to find better.

UHF Headset

Any of the UHF headsets among our collection are perfect to ensure the most memorable flight experiences. This model is also absoutley perfect for use with industrial machinery and ultralight flying! 

This model provides an easily detachable headset lead, noise-canceling microphone and high fidelity speakers which offer top-notch audio and passive noise reduction of 24dB. Available at an affordable price.

Main Leads

No matter how small and insignificant leads may seem, they play a crucial role in maintaining communications. And that’s why we stock the best quality leads for pilot headsets, at a very affordable price. 

Among those on sale is the Pilot HSL-C coiled replacement headset lead which is available for all our valuable customers.. 

The Best Aviation Supplies Australia Has To Offer

If you’re in Australia and searching for aviation supplies, Pilot Communications is the place to be. Our ultralight aviation headsets truly are the ultimate accessories. Unbeatable quality at affordable prices, for a top quality flying experience.

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